April patio plant pots

My last post was about the start of the growing season being an ideal time for planting young trees and shrubs for structure, shelter and privacy giving them time plenty of  time to establish before the winter sets in.  Shrubs in particular are often too small to plant directly into a border as they can look out of place or be smothered by faster growing herbaceous perennials.

These young shrubs as well as herbaceous perennials and climbers can if a suitable location is not available or prepared be grown on by potting them up in larger pots giving them time to mature. This also allows me to experiment with combination ideas by placing groups of containers together, moving them about till I find a pleasing grouping and time to think where the grouping can be placed.

At this time of year I find groups of pots particularly useful near the house such as near my front door, conservatory and  patio where they can be admired from the windows of my house when it is a little too cold or windy to sit outside.


The grouping from my kitchen window

This is my most recent combination which I have on my patio and easily viewed from my kitchen window. The scale like leaves of Thujopsis dolabrata act as a backdrop for the steely blue- grey foliage of Juniperus communis and the burgundy strongly architectural leaves of Phormium ‘ Rainbow Queen’ in turn  harmonising with the rounded heads of purple drumstick primulas. Either side I have recently planted Acer’s which balance the grouping.


The containers from my patio chair

These plants would be less noticeable, overshadowed by other plants or even lost if planted out in the  main garden  but on the patio they  make an attractive colourful attention grabbing scene.

Just outside my conservatory doors are blue muscari bulbs emerging through the golden leaves of  Lysimachia numularia ‘Gold’. Normally still brown at this time of year the Lysimachia has remained yellow over the winter allowing this year anyway for this combination to have worked. The muscari blue- green muscari leaves are not too over powering in this little picture and I feel work in quite nicely.



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