Plant Heritage at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden

Plant Heritage is a national charity with the aim of conserving cultivated plants for future generations to enjoy, these plant treasures are part of our culture and history.  Many if not most of the plant varieties and cultivars including ornamental plants, fruits and vegetable mentioned in the older garden books of some of our great gardeners are no longer commercially available.

 Many of these varieties and cultivars do still exist in older gardens, their owners often not aware of the rare treasures they have.  Whenever these treasure trove gardens are cleared to build on the land or make them easier to maintain these plants can be lost forever.  It is the keen vigilance of plant lovers that prevent plant varieties, no longer found in their native habitats or able to be bred by breeders because the parents are no longer available, from becoming extinct.

I have been a member of Plant Heritage for a few years but being a professional gardener and busy during the “growing season “I have never had time to attend visits and events.  This year I decided to make more of an effort to attend meetings so this Saturday I headed to my local Tayside and Grampian area group meeting held at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden.

 Twenty years ago I worked at Dundee Botanic Garden for a short period after I returned to Dundee from working with the Royal Parks in London and before I started up working for myself. How quick time passes. I did not have time to look around but it was a lovely day and what I saw of the gardens was stunning and I fully intend another visit to explore the gardens in the very near future. (Another blog opportunity)

The local Tayside and Grampian Group I found to be very friendly and welcoming helpful bunch and quickly secured a number of invitations to visit member’s gardens.  Some promised to look at my blog so I may pick up some more followers.  For any of my readers looking to join this lovely group of people go to

Finally a very important date for the diary, on the 29th April from 10.30am to 12.30 pm at the Guide hall in Forfar Plant Heritage is holding a plant sale to raise money for conservation projects.  Members contribute plants from their collections and some rare and not commonly found plants can be obtained at knock down prices.  So if a genuine bargain is wanted that’s the place to be. I have made myself available by volunteering to help out and hopefully grab a bargain myself although I will have to make do with what the bargain hunters leave behind. The guide Hall is on Myre  Road Forfar DD81AZ, right next to the free car park on Myre Road which can be accessed from Forfar Town Centre.

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