A green planting scheme with white highlights

March sunshine through my conservatory windows can be very warm, tempting me to get out into the garden. When I venture out I am reminded of the winter bite still present as we enter spring.  Generally Scotland is always a jacket colder than further south and I sometimes envy the gardeners who experience long balmy summers down south. I find gardening professionally during the working week in customers gardens in cold, wet and windy conditions is always easier than doing my own. My wife reminds me that from her Facebook timeline four years ago we were covered in snow so I decide to man up and get out there.

As mentioned in my garden rooms, I have divided my garden into different rooms to play with emphasis on different planting themes and colour combinations ideas.  The aim with my front garden is to use the shapes, sizes and textures of predominately green foliage plants to create a cool calming, tranquil leafy green atmosphere brightened by white highlights. The aim being a welcoming and relaxing feel when returning home after a busy or stressful day, rather than encountering vibrant exciting  hotter flower colours.

 As one walks through the various garden rooms I aim to experience different moods, in this room I want to attempt to slow the pace of the mind so the rest of the garden can be fully appreciated and enjoyed .  Green is considered as a calming relaxing colour as it is associated with the peaceful nature of the countryside although farmers may disagree with this concept.


Today I am transplanting green and variegated foliage plants mainly from other parts of the garden which have acclimatised and shown to be quite wind tolerant and not too prone to winter leaf shredding. Foliage as the main attraction has the benefit of generally lasting longer than flowers which make a shorter contribution to a display. To act as a buffer between different shapes, sizes and textures of foliage and lighten the mood of green I am not only using white flowering plants which reflect light and brighten combination planting  but also  white  or near white variegation on  leaves.


New planting at my front gate to create a calming tranquil feel

Today I moved the white flowered but powdery white spotted leaved Pulmonaria officinalis “Sissinghurst White” and the white margined Carex “ Everest”. The pulmonaria flowers are now succeeding  the snow drops and Leucojums which are now fading.  Snow drops have green markings which compliment the green theme but I am getting a bit artistically clever and big headed now.


Pulmonaria officinalis “Sissinghurst White”

 As mentioned the aim eventually is to replace all  non -white  flowering plants to create a green and white area.  Although the purple crocuses I may allow to stay as this bold splash of colour after the winter is welcome.


 Cornus stolonifera “Flaviramea” ‘s lime green stems add to the green scheme.

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