Backlot Tour

Firstly a quick thankyou to the people who are following me, an appreciated confidence boost to the newbie blogger. The weather this past week has not been particularly favourable to gardening and in eager anticipation of conditions improving soon, so I can get down to the business of planting ideas, I will give you a brief  insight of my  garden service area.

To hold the reader’s attention and desire to return, blogging advice tells you that you must ask yourself after writing a blog the question. Is this useful to the reader? If not re- write it.

Being organised is useful and keeping an area aside for growing on, composting, storage, washing lines etc. maximises the potential and space in the rest of the garden for its main desired function (be it productive for fruit and vegetables, play and entertainment or in my case primarily ornamental,) without cluttering it with garden utilities, left out tools etc.

My backlot is where I have my potting shed, glass house, cold frames, composts bins water butt and general holding area for plants, empty pots etc. I find empty pots left near beds always draws my attention away from surrounding planting making me wonder what they held.


Looking barren over winter in the near future my holding area will be full of colour. (Hopefully not from clothes on the washing line.)

Over the winter my project was to build a couple of raised beds constructed from local stone and filled with top soil. I intend to use this area as a holding bay for plants I lift in my garden, (I keep putting them in the wrong place,) before I decide where they may contribute better. Here I can also experiment with plant colour and texture combination ideas before I plant them out into my existing planting schemes.


New raised beds ready for planting.

4 thoughts on “Backlot Tour

    • Thanks Dave still feeling my way around and probably making basic mistakes but will learn over time. Amazed you had time to comment so quick on my post given the popularity of you last post.
      Thanks again for taking time to read and leave acomment

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  1. Your area looks full of potential and promise. You are wise to designate areas for holding. Otherwise, we tend to plop a new plant into the first empty spot, without giving enough thought to how it will play with its neighbors!


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