Items I always keep within reach

During my many gardening years I have learnt many good tips from my gardening peers, customers, garden books etc. Often these gems of advice are found tucked within a dialogue or piece of writing and easily missed without realising how useful they are. I want to record those as I remember them because they make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

I find gardens and gardening relaxes my mind allowing ideas to flow and observations to be made which I want to be remember for consideration and possible inclusion, removal or change at future times.

The first and indispensably useful tip is always keeping a note book, pencil and camera on my person or within easy reach. So whenever I venture out into my garden or anyone else’s thoughts and observations can instantly be recorded. I also use mine to take notes of ideas I fancy trying in my garden from gardening books, blogs etc.  It’s amazing how quickly I forget great ideas and it’s not till I am flicking through my past notes I see things I have not got round to yet.

Photographing particularly attractive and pleasing associations which one observes at different times of the year is easy with the cameras on mobile phones.  These remind me of satisfying plant combinations or alterations which can be done to enhance, extend and merge planting combinations and successions at suitable times.

This photo reminds me to move the Harts-Tongue Fern Asplenium scolopendrium so it is not lost amongst the more dominant  surrounding foliage.

If you are ever stuck for a gift for a gardening friend, a note book and pencil is a perfect gift and if you’re willing to spend a little more a waterproof note book and pencil is even better. If not give them a clear plastic bag also; for those damp days.


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