First contact/Mission statement?

Initially I wanted to write a blog about my garden. Why? I am a keen self-employed gardener but gardening, in particular plants and how to combine or associate them is also my hobby. Visitors to my home regularly comment on how good my garden looks. Well I am a professional and spend a lot of time working on it. I wanted more people to see it, enjoy it and get a few more pats on the back for my efforts.  Its a normal average sized garden and not suitable to the heavy foot flow of numerous visitors.

Writing a blog about it seemed  a good idea. So doing a little digging, excuse the pun, I realised I could, if I built up enough readership, make some money along the way. So I thought no harm in looking for a bit of recognition from other keen gardeners and industry peers as well as promoting my knowledge, skills  and services.

There are many garden bloggers especially in southern England but as far as I can see not so many here in Scotland where the climate tends to be a little colder and season shorter. So my focus or niche is writing about my experiences of adapting gardening and planting practice to our seasonal climates and making it interesting  to readers by relating this to mini garden projects and plant combination ideas.

By this time next year I hope to have built up decent following whereby I may get some extra plant or planting related projects to work on and perhaps noticed and  asked to write some media articles.



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