My garden rooms

My garden is divided into themed rooms to explore. Garden designers recommend that separate outdoor garden rooms should have a unifying link generally obtained by repeating plants throughout the garden.  Most of my room ideas are separated by garden arches which emphasise the separate rooms and unity is achieved by columnar evergreens. These do not take up too much space, in the average size or small garden where space is at a premium. Their shape also provide winter interest.

I refer to my rooms  loosely as:

 Leafy and Green. Green is the most common colour in the garden and here I want to create the feeling of airy tranquillity as achieved in many Japanese gardens  using a minimal number of plant species and  paying attention to harmonious use of  leaf shape and shades of green. This is the first room entered from the hectic outside world and is intended to calm the mind so the rest of the garden rooms can be enjoyed more.

 The structural garden :Although there are plants with strong evergreen shape repeated.  throughout my garden. Here they are more densely planted  in a relatively small area emphasising their strong plant shapes, particularly useful for winter interest.

Monet borders:  Taking inspiration from the painter Monet, who blended pleasing harmonious colours this area houses my attempts to emulate his style. My favourite colours are between the red and blue primary colours which on mixing them can give violet, purple and indigo. Adding white as a flower colour in the scheme softens the look  Lightening the colours by adding white gives pink for me also a pleasing colour.. Here I want to play with these colours, lifting the impact of the flower colour with strong architectural leaf shapes. This part of my garden is sunnier and more sheltered than most of my garden. The hope being not to lose my strong architectural leaf plants to brutal winds.

Exotic border: This should be sunniest and most sheltered part of my garden it is a small area but I hope to give this area vibrant tropical feel.

Woodland area. Similar to my leafy and Green area but with a few trees to  give a woodland effect with early bulbs and candelabra primulas to give a colourful spring followed by ferns and grass species taking centre stage as the season progresses to provide a calming cooling contrast to my exciting hotter exotic border at the other end of the garden.


The Backlot: This is where I have my potting shed, glasshouse , cold frames , compost heap etc. It is also my palette area, as a painter uses his palette to mix colours  before applying them to canvas  I experiment and trial plant association ideas in pots and a raised bed before transplanting into the garden.

 Metallic plants: I have another area which at the moment is a mix of steely blue, silver and grey. As yet not sure what I am looking to achieve, it may change to another theme but at the moment. Metallic  is as good a name as any.

 I Hope this was not too long winded but I wanted to give readers of my blog and overview of my garden aims, which may change. I intend to add photos of the areas as they become available and in later blogs expand on my ideas.

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